Let’s straighten out a metaphor

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This post confuses me. First, what is supposed to be the fire in this analogy? Is it abortion? Pregnancy? The babies themselves?? Just what are these things supposed to “extinguish”?

Besides, fire isn’t always bad. Fire is one of the things that enables humanity to…

A letter to my daughter

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My dearest Deanna,

By the time you’re old enough to read this, you will have seen and heard a lot of messages about princesses. You might read or watch a beautiful story about love and goodness. You might find a book like the one I…

Why I fight so hard

This is me and my fierce daughter, about a year ago. This is how I imagine her reacting when she finds out abortion and other injustices exist.

So, this post is more self-therapy than anything else. Who knows whether it’ll ever even see the light of day. But hopefully I can work through something and come out the better for it.

Abortion legislation and debate is all over the news. So is…


It was just another day of preschool. I dropped off my son at the usual time and picked him up three hours later. His teacher posted fun pictures of classroom activities on the school app. We continued our routine at home. Also in the school app, though, the teacher notified…

Besetting sins and bumper stickers

Driving around the other day, I saw a bumper sticker on the car in the next lane. It said (roughly), “If you’re not OUTRAGED you haven’t been paying ATTENTION.” Well, it got my attention. And it got me outraged…at it.

I’m far from the only…

Post-Baptist therapy, part one

She kneels at the front of the sanctuary with tears streaming down her face. On either side of her are the familiar red carpeted stairs. In front of her, beyond the twisted metal railing, the piano and organ both shake the floor with the heavy chords…

Let’s be clear. The recent legislation change in New York is not about elective abortions for babies up to 40 weeks. This isn’t for those who have simply decided they don’t want to go through the hassle of giving birth. It’s supposed to be about babies who are suffering or…

Brenna Siver

Homemaker, homeschool graduate, and Bible addict.

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